Best Embroidery Machine For Hats – Buying Guide’s

The best embroidery machine for hats made specifically for hats. Hats have a unique shape and this is a challenge for you. Here is a review of the machine.

SINGER Futura XL-400

If you want to get an expert manufacturer for embroidery machines, then Singer is the first listing of the brand. This machine has a large size but looks sleek. You need a large table for this machine. Swift Smart Threading can speed up your project. You do not have to spend the time to put the thread into the eye of the needle.

You just need to enable the feature and this feature will help you. Other systems are Drop and Sew Bobbin. This feature is used to ensure that you can replace Bobbins easily. You do not need to take a series of coils because this machine will do that for you.

You can get out of the complicated days because you do not have to think about new designs for a long time. This machine gives you 125 choices of patterns. You can also download new patterns from the internet and allow this machine to work properly. If you want to give a unique touch in your hat, then you can choose the letters and designs to your liking.

You must use Windows to set this machine. There are some features that do not comply with the MAC. This machine is made specifically for sewing and embroidering hats. You can make a hat with a unique design for your customers.

Brother PE500

Maybe you think that the price of this machine is too expensive but you will change your opinion when viewing the features on this machine. This machine has changed the concept of connectivity to the right level and innovative. You can consult to use the new design. The design will be delivered to various computers without using the internet.

You can show your design to your friends before making the hat. You will get reviews from your friends. The LCD screen displays tutorials for beginners. Automatic needle threading will save you time to enter the thread. This machine will impress you.

25-year warranty will not make you lose when buying this machine. You can consult when problems occur with this machine. This is the best machine that consumers can use.

SINGER 4-in-1 Futura

You can not reject a machine with many functions. This machine serves all the needs of the tailor. The first thing to note is the size of the work area. This area is used for sewing hats so you have to get a spacious table.

If you do not use this machine to embroider the hat, then you do not have to worry because this machine still offers other functions. There are 125 designs brought by this machine. You can improve the collection by importing the design from the internet.

Janome Memory Craft MC 9500

The LCD screen has a size large enough so you can rely on the screen to prevent confusion. You just have to drop the coil to embroider and sew as this machine is also equipped with automatic thread threading. This machine is lightweight with a consistent design for the users.

This machine does have an expensive price but you should know that the features of this machine are very feasible to get your attention. This machine will provide a different experience for you. That’s the point for the best embroidery machine for hats.

Waterproof Beard Trimmer: Trim Your Beard Even During Shower

You might still a kind of person that needs to choose between trimming your beard and shower. Which one to do first? It doesn’t matter which one you do first. But what if you can do them altogether, trimming your beard even during shower and under the running cold water without worrying that this would cause your beard timmer to rust.

A  rusty beard trimmer is not only causing your trimmer to be dull or work uneficiently during trimming, but rusty blade might also be quite dangerous for your health when in use. Tetanus might be something you need to be concerned about when you’re shaving with rusty beard.

A good waterproof beard trimmer is simply a good and right choice for a man who doesn’t have time to choose between trimming his beard and have a good clean shower. Most of very well known men’s groomer producents have produced their own waterproof beard trimmer products and brands, so waterproof beard trimmer is no longer a luxury and can easily be purchased anywhere.

Other than just for your own safety, a good waterproof beard trimmer also guarantee a longer life span for your beard trimmer. While a good beard trimmer migjt cost a little bit more than standard and more over a low quality trimmer, a good trimmer could actually safe you more by having longer life span so you don’t need to purchase new trimmer more often.

A waterproof trimmer can also be used for wet shaving. As you might have known, there are two types of shaving. Wet shaving and dry shaving. But if in any case you haven’t realized ths fact (yet), we would be happy to take you to a little bit of introduciton to this two types of shaving before we continue oursearch for a good beard trimmer.

Dry shaving is when you shave (or trim) without any help from either moisturizer products nor cream products. Not even water. Okay maybe a little bit of water. While on the other hand, wet shaving requires moisturizer or shaving cream products. Anyway you like, but make sure that your choose a good method for your skin. Some types of skin are not for dry shaving, so does wet shaving not for everyone. And of course, wet shaving would require a waterproof trimmer.

 Choosing a good beard trimmer is actually no rocket science. Don’t over think it. While being waterproof is ofcourse one of the sign for good trimmer, there are other things that you need to pay attention during choosing a good beard trimmer. Waterproof beard trimmer allows you to trim your beard even during shower.

For example, the shape of your chosen trimmer. It is necessary to choose the one that is comfortable on your grip. Use your palm and the strength of your grasp as standard for choosing a good trimmer. Ecause if it doesn’t fit your hand, you might get your trimmer slipped during trimming and you might hurt yourself so be careful. Stainless trimmer also guarantee a strong, sharp, and of course waterproof. Although stainless steel trimmer would rather be more expensive, but you can’t put money on quality nor safety.

And you might need to consider what are you going to use this trimmer for. For neating your beard? Style it? Just wanna turn your Duck Dynasty style into Christian Grey? Clean it? Trimming it for long or short term just like how long you’re going to date a lady? Not all trimmers are made to get all the job done, some are multi function, but still, even a multi function trimmer would only be best on at least one thing only.

Here are some of our recommendation for the best waterproof beard trimmer that you can use even during shower from various brands:

  1. Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 9100

Shame on you if you ever forgetting that Philips with its Norelco brand is one of the leading expert on men grooming products. Either it’s your beard or your moustache, Philips Norelco would always be in our best grooming products list. You might want something a little bit futuristic for your grooming needs and philips offers to satisfy your crave with this. Not only for the shake of technology, but Philips Norelco used the pop-up laser technology as a guide to mark the area you have trimmed, so you can shave faster without going back to the place you’ve trimmed and offers and exactly symetric result. But laser isn’t the only technology that Philips  Norelco. You can even set the length of hair you want to trim. How about it? Now you don’t need to measure how much hair you’re going to cut! Simpy just take a look at the mini LED on your trimmer. The super sharp blade even requires no maintenance. 

But of course, technology doesn’t come cheap. With price closer to $100, you might want to think twice before buying something that you use to trim your beard. But hey, sometimes you can put a price on technology…. And safety. And fashion.

  • Wahl- All in One Grooming Kit 9854-600

Okay, some guys do need quick trim all the time. Not because they want it but they need it due to the speed of their beard growth almost the same as the speed of light. Not only the speed, the thickness of their beards might also be the factor of the frequent needs to trim. Wahl All In One offers the motor strength twice the other products, allows you to use this trimmer more frequently and to face the thickness of your beard. 

Strong? It is. Quick? Of course. Noisy? Unfotunately, it also is. Due to the extra motor, this groomer might be more noisy than other brands. And while it’s waterproof, avoid washing it under the faucet.

  • Remington MB4040/4045

The good ol’ Remington, always a synonym with good and cheap grooming. Remington MB4040 allows to trim not only your beard but also your moustache. Not it doesn’t have a high tech laser nor LED as Norelco. Or maybe twice as many motors as Wahl. 

So what does this trimmer offers? A good, cheap, simple trimming for your beard and moustache.Any brand you choose, always make sure you get the one that’s suitable for your needs and your beard.

The Ultimate Makeup Tips and Tricks

Makeup tips and tricks are definitely up there on the list of things women search for online. Yes, not every woman has the ability to properly apply makeup and get a decent result every single time – well, that is unless you’re a professional makeup artist and you put makeup on for a living of course. On bad makeup days and possibly after the fourth attempt on winged eyeliner, we would give up and wonder if the fifth attempt was really worth a shot since you were convinced you would mess that up as well.

Putting makeup on with minimal effort and getting a great result every single time you do it may not be a rocket science, but not every one of us can figure it out on our own and not all of us have the money to take a great makeup course. Fortunately for you, however, you have come to the right place. Not only are we going to give you the best makeup tips and tricks guaranteed to turn this seemingly taxing chore into one of the most simple and incredibly enjoyable tasks with our proper makeup and cleansing regimen, we’re also going to give you makeup tips for older women so you have absolutely no reason to think that makeup isn’t appropriate for your age. Beauty doesn’t age after all.

Step 1: Remove Makeup and Cleanse

Every one of us knows the importance of thoroughly taking off our makeup especially before we call it a night, but not all of us know how to properly cleanse our face. You think using a few sheets of makeup wipes and washing it with cold water is enough, or you think using a makeup remover would suffice? Think again. You may not be able to see it, but chances are your pores are still clogged with the foundation and dirt which may lead to a devastating result over time. Properly removing and cleansing your make up takes a bit more efforts but your skin will thank you!

The first thing you must do is start the regiment with our pre-cleansing steps, the idea is to remove the dirt and makeup on the surface so that the actual cleansing process will be much more effective and you won’t end up redistributing the dirt and makeup in your pores. While water and wipes are enough for this step, we advise you to opt for cleansing oil as it doesn’t break your makeup down and emulsify dirt, but also moisturize your skin. Next is to take up a cotton ball soaked with makeup remover, hold it tight on your eyelid or eyebrow and slightly rub it from left to right to cleanse eyeshadow and brow tint – don’t scrub it! Then take another one for your entire face and neck, repeat. This step should also be done before applying makeup.

Step 2: Moisturize to Prime the Skin

Finally, for those looking for the ultimate makeup tips and tricks, it’s time. Once you’ve finished cleansing, prepare your skin by moisturizing it using a serum containing sodium hyaluronate and vitamin C – this doesn’t only moisturize your skin, but also add that pleasing glow all day long. Apply a dot of the aforementioned serum and gently apply it on your face, then get your moisturizer preferably one with SPF higher than 15. Press it, don’t rub it. Done? Your skin is now ready to be primed. How to prime skin is actually easy, all you need is a high-quality silicone-based skin primer and using a cross-pattern, dab a little amount of it over the skin of your face and neck then gently press it. Primer is imperative to achieve that flawless and smooth makeup look as it properly fills in every crevice and line on your skin.

Step 3: Apply Foundation with a Foundation Brush

Next is to apply foundation with a foundation brush – but first, a quick tip on how to draw a woman’s face, draw thick lines just a little outside your cheekbones, either sides of nose bridge and then draw another lines with lighter shade on top of the darker lines.

Step 4: Gently Blend in a Rolling Motion

Take your foundation brush and gently blend both lines in a rolling motion by brushing it over into your cheekbones, forehead, jawlines and neckline. How to put on foundation for mature skin isn’t that much different, follow the same steps and pat another round foundation into areas with broken veins or visible age spots.

Step 5: Conceal Blemishes and Redness

When you’re done, the last step is to conceal blemishes and any redness on your skin by applying a thin layer of concealer that matches your natural skin-tone. This last step is also applicable to mature skin if there is visible broken veins, and if the redness (or the green-ish hue for the broken vein issue) is still visible apply another layer using a darker shade concealer. Now that you’ve gotten all the makeup tips and tricks, ready to give it a try?

How to hoose The Vacuum Beard Trimmer – Buyer Guide’s

Not only many bearded dudes might want to keep their beard beat and good looking, especially for the ladies, you kught want to keep your bathroom nice and clean, especially to avoid any hair clogging your sink or to avoid your ladies friends see the remaining of your hair in you bathroom. For this kind of men, yoh might want to consider using a vacuum beard trimmer. Nope, trust us, we are not talking about using your moms’ or wives’ vacuum cleaner as a beard trimmer. Although maybe that could be a million dollar idea too, pairing a groomer kit with a house cleanung kit might be a good wedding gift.

Here, the vacuum we are talking about is a vacuum that can be used to both trim and suck the remaining hair that’s left after you trim your beard. For a man who is absolutely perfectionist, yoh might want to consider to get yourself a trimmer with vacuum. So in short, yes, vacuum trimmer works the same way as vacuum cleaner for your house in your beard. Vacuum can actually save a lot of your time, not only to catch the remaining hair on your beard, but also keeps your bathroom clean and avoid clogging your sink.

In an effort to accomplish both goals, so you can trim your facial hair while still keepkng your bathroom nice and clea , a lot of men might be looking for high quality beard and mustache trimmer that comes with vacuuming syste. To catch the trimmed hair and clean it.

While it seems like the vacuum system gets all the job done for you (and your beard of course), that doesn’t mean you can leave out all the cleening to the machine though. Always remember to clean your vacuum chamber because if it’s full then you might not be able to clean thoroughly. Plus, don’t depend entirely on the vacuum as vacuum only get to clean like 80% the remaining hair. You might not find a trimmer that can suck 100% of your hair but 80% is already a good number.

Also, bad new for the Duck Dynasty. Longer beard or any other kind of hair might not be vacuumed perfectly. So if you want a more perfect vacuum, just use the carpet vacuum anyway.When you’re choosing a trimmer with vacuum, you might want to choose the one with stronger motor i stead. This due to the stronger the mother gets, the cleaner you might get. 

Here are some of our recommendation on some of the best beard trimmer with the best vacuuming system. Mind yoh, we’re looking for a trimmer with good vacuuming system. Some of the trimmer might not actually be the best trimmer you can get but it has a fine vavuumung system. But for your own satisfaction, we promise to look for the best beard trimmer which is fine on both vacuuming and trimming. And we’re only recommend trimmer from the best brand known in men’s grooming world.

Here we’re going to rate the trimmer from different sides. There is one that offers all the best quality money you can buy. The ither one is simply for the men who wants everythjng to be simple…..and cheap. No extra money shall be blown only for a beard trimmer. And the last one if for poweeerrrrr…… More power means better trimming and makes you feel even more manly.

The Philips Norelco QT4070 Vacuum Beard, Stubble and Mustache Trimmer Pro

The Philips Norelco QT4070 Beard, Stubble and Mustache Trimmer Pro, again, coming from the one of the leading brand for men’s grooming product. Popular among users and fans of grooming, this trimmer is also the receiving overall good review. 

 The vacuum system for this trimmer might be the best, also the main reason why many has chosen to purchase this product.

The vacuum system is designed to catch the majority of cut hairs thus reducing the time you need to clean up your bathroom and sink. For shorter hair, this trimmer’s vacuum works really perfect.

Does it come cheap? Again mighy be not. But Philips also offers other varieties that’s slightly less priceh but still offers the Philips quality.

Remington VPG6530 4-in-1 Personal Groomer with Vacuum Feature

Yup, as always, talking anout men’s grooming products is not enough without Remington offering the cheap version of whatever kinds of grooming products you want to purchase. And what’s even more interesting is, this trimmer is a 4 in 1 ttimmer that would help you to trim yourself from head to toe. Yes, this product offers you grooming for your mustache, beard, even head another that needs grooming up to down south.

So how about the vacuuming system?

This personal groomer is equipped with vacuuming system that is designed to catch the remaining clipped hair. With the removable pocket, you can easily empty the pocket and get rid of the hair that it catches.

The satisfaction toward the the trimming itself may varies but more and more users have given good review about the vacuuming system.

Wahl Senior vacuum

If you’re looking for quality and technology, then Philips is your main man. If you’re looking for something cheap, simple and quick. Remington would always be remembered for that. 

So why Wahl? What does it offer?

As usual. More power. Wahl is the jock of all trimmers. So does it do the same to the piwer of the vaacum?

First thing first, Wahl’s offers a different vaacuming feature. Come with a hose that, yes bear with me, can be connected to an actual vacuum cleaner. As we’ve told you, when it comes  to strenght, Wahl would only prefer the stro gest even if it seems weird and a little bit extreme.

But more power sometimes means less flexibility. This tri.mer is cord use only and come on, do you really  carry a vacuum cleaner wherever yoh go?  Twice or even thrice the power of norm trimmer might sounds like a good idea but sometimes it’s just isn’t. Plus, the trimmer is heavier than other  normal trimmer.

The Importance and Benefits of Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are perhaps two of the most overlooked aspects of health. Despite our complete understanding on how important and beneficial both of these nutrients are, we tend completely overlook these nutrients and focus on the macronutrient part of the scale. We put in extra effort when it comes to tracking our daily macronutrients intake such as carbohydrate, protein and fat; but never once in our lives would we give that much attention to micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals – being completely oblivious to the fact that either too much or too little of these nutrients may also bring us severe consequences. Being oblivious, perhaps, is not exactly the case for some people as they know the risk of dire consequences but they still do not make an effort under the premise of not knowing how to track these nutrients. Yes, tracking vitamins and nutrients is more tricky than we would like to admit. In the end, many of us just go about our days thinking that all the foods we consume give us enough vitamins and minerals – but  are they?

Our body produces bone, skin, and muscle on a daily basis, and to be able to do so, our body must go through a long series of complicated process such as burning red blood cells carrying nutrients and oxygen, activating your nerve signals to formulate chemical reactions that serve as a messenger informing all of your organs and instructing them to work as per required in order to keep you alive. This extremely complicated process obviously can only be done properly when your body has the required amount of raw materials to be used as a fuel – think your body as an engine, but instead of needing petrol, it needs sufficient amount of dietary components, minerals, as well as 30 vitamins. So what happens when there is not enough amount of vitamins and minerals in our system?

Not having the sufficient amount of the aforementioned raw materials – whether they be dietary components, or either vitamins or minerals does not necessarily mean the process will end abruptly. Our body will still get the job done, despite the fact that we are lacking the nutrients and our body must do the job twice as hard. They do not simply stop producing, they must meet the body’s demand of new muscle tissue, skin and bone after all – however, over time, this will result in serious case of Vitamin and mineral deficiency problem. We may not be able to feel the subtle dynamic changes of our body’s internal organs, but it happens and if left too long our body will start to look for ways to compensate. Yes, the functions of vitamins and minerals are vital as such that it negatively affects our body if not immediately taken care of.

Vitamin deficiencies may even lead to bleeding gums and scurvy, rickets, weak immune system and even blindness. Relying too much on foods you consume on a daily basis isn’t enough to cover all your needs as not every one of us actually eat food that rich in vitamins and minerals. Hence, the importance of putting more efforts in hitting our daily micronutrient intake! Sources of vitamins and minerals such as spinach and oranges must be consume regularly to get the benefits.

Vitamins and minerals in spinach

This member of Chenopodiaceae genus is on the top of the list of nutritionally-superior source of both nutrients. Regardless of which kind of spinach you consume – whether it be savoy or semi-savoy spinach or flat-leaf spinach, you surely will get the benefits. Spinach does not only contain 839-milligram of potassium, but also magnesium which provide us with superb protection of muscle mass, preservation of bone density, and kidney-stone reduction. Not only that, it’s also rich in dietary fiber, zinc, vitamin B1, phosphorus, choline and an incredible mixture of antioxidants, carotenoids, flavonoids as well as phytonutrients – all of which are beneficial for maintaining healthy digestion, lowering risks of cardiac disease, maintaining healthy hair, skin, bones, as well as blood-glucose level.

Vitamins and minerals in oranges

There is no better vitamins as well as minerals-rich snack than oranges, and as we all know, citrus – regardless of which type of orange you consume, is undeniably an excellent source of Vitamin C. Tart, with a hint of sweetness, many people tend to only focus on the fact that it is rich in vitamin C. However vitamin C is not the only goodness it contains as citrus also packs so many incredible minerals and phytonutrients – making it one of the best healing properties. Its concentrated vitamin C has the ability to assist each part of the body with rapid cellular turnover, such as our digestive system – this also means it has the ability to prevent colon cancer. Not only that, the vitamins and minerals it has also greatly reduces inflammatory diseases and helps us get rid of cholesterol build-up in our arteries.

Makes Your Entrepreneurship Ideas Come True

Income can be gotten from everywhere. Many things around you could be your way to gain success if you could organize it well. In other words, entrepreneurship ideas are actually around you. You just need to be aware enough to know them. So, if you are interested to manage some unique ideas around you, below we provide you about entrepreneurship ideas.

How to Start Your Own Small Business

1.     Explore your ideas

Some of us may be aware of the unique ideas around us, but never know how to start. If you already at this stage, what you need to do is analyze your ideas to be a good entrepreneurship ideas. You need to know whether your entrepreneurship ideas will meet your expectation in reality or not. Your business ideas should fulfill your consumers’ needs and could fulfill what the market wants. You also need to image the competition of your entrepreneurship ideas in reality. Is there any same business already? What are the differences between yours and theirs? What could you offer?

2.     Business plan

Next thing you need to do is making a business plan. This is the most important stage to see your entrepreneurship ideas structure.Business plan is a blueprint that will guide you to establish your business. In other words,  business plan contain everything you need from how you will build up your business. It also covers how you will run it and what would you do to tackle hard situation.

3.     Mind the finance

Even if your business only the small one, you should not take the financing problem for granted. A careful plan should be done first to avoid any loss that will drag you to regret in the future.  Estimates what will you need to make your entrepreneurship ideas come true. You also need to estimate the daily needs of your entrepreneurship ideas. Remember to note the income of your business regularly. One important thing you need to remember is that never mix your business money with your private money. It does not matter whether you are the owner of your small business or not. Mixing both will lead you to confusion and makes it harder to see the real profit of your business.

4.     Set up the Location

Now that you have a clear needs analysis, what you need to do next is finding perfect location to start up your entrepreneurship ideas becoming real. You need to make sure that the location you choose is strategic enough. In other words, it is suitable for the entrepreneurship ideas that you will offer to the environment of your business location or not. 

5.     Spread the Promote

Promotion always loved by consumers. Do not be too stingy to give them real cheap prize as a start up. The most important thing is that people should know about your business. You can deliver it in the most unusual way.  Since your entrepreneurship ideas are authentic, you also need to show that you have your own way to promote your business. Do not focused on your surrounding only, but try to spread as many as promotion on the social media too. As we know, nowadays information could spread in just a second through social media having by almost every people. You also need to mind that you should give your best quality even if it just a promotion. Quality is one thing that will be used by costumer to decide whether they will come back to you in the future or not.

How to Start Your Own Business at Home

If you do not have much time or money to have a business office, then you could use your home as your work place as well. Business does not always means a big coverage of products or service. Sometimes small unique business is just the realization of entrepreneur ideas with no money needed. If you are interested to make one, then you need to read until the last word of this article.

1.     Use your talents and skills

First thing first, making your entrepreneur ideas dream come true means that you need to be as creative as possible to use everything you already have. Talents and skills are actually priceless thing having by oneself. However, it also means that once you own it, you can use it as much as you like without worrying how much money you should spend. If you are good at writing then explore entrepreneur ideas to work such as content writer. If you are well in making cookies, then use it as your entrepreneur ideas.

2.     Take a look at the profitEven if you do not need to spend money for your business location, you still need to calculate the profit that you will get from your entrepreneur ideas. Your ideas should make people wants to open their wallet and entrust their money to your service or product.

The Tastiest and the Best Fast Food Breakfast from Four Popular Fast Food Chains

Eating the best fast food breakfast is a nice way to start your morning. Health experts say that breakfast is the most important meal in a day so it is definitely unwise to miss it. Even though fast food is not exactly the healthiest thing to eat, but who cares, right? When the tummy says it wants some Burger King at 7 AM then it is exactly what the tummy will get. Besides, people are very busy making money nowadays. Who still got time to stand in the kitchen for an hour if McDonald can give us our breakfast in less than ten minutes and the only thing we need to do is to sit soundly in our car?

There are hundreds of different fast food chains nowadays so it might be difficult for you to decide which breakfast menu you should get the next morning. Well, worry not because we have done all the hard work, going across the country to make a list of the tastiest fast food breakfast menu for you. The fast food chains in this list are extremely popular so you certainly will have no difficulty to find one of its restaurants. Don’t forget to try these menus the next time you are looking for a breakfast.

French Toast Sticks – Burger King

Sometimes we are in a rush or simply not sober enough to chomp down a full course meal in the morning. If this is your problem than say thank you to Burger King because its French Toast Sticks is definitely a life saver.

Calling this menu as the best fast food breakfast is definitely not an overstatement. The crispy and hot French toasts are cut into a size of sticks, so eating them will not be a hassle at all. The golden brown color and the hint of savory taste in every bite is really mouthwatering. To make this menu tastes even more heavenly, dip the sticks in the sweet syrup and that’s all what you need to give you some extra spirit to face the day. The good news is, the 5-piece serving has less than 50 grams of carbohydrates. So this is the menu you should eat if you are craving for a low carb fast food.

Loaded Breakfast Sandwich – Jack in the Box

Most fast food restaurants stop their breakfast service at around 10.30 AM. If you wake up a little bit too late but you are still craving for the best fast food breakfast, go ride your car to Jack in the Box and tell the good Uncle Jack that you want to order Loaded Breakfast Sandwich. Even though it is called ‘breakfast sandwich’, this menu is available 24/7 so feel free to order anytime you want it.

Just like what the name suggests, this menu is literally loaded. It comes with not one but two fried eggs, two slices of American cheese and mega delicious pork cooked three ways—sausage patty, salty ham and bacon strips. That’s it? Of course, no! As the cherry on top, this heavenly food is served with Jack in the Box’s signature toasted sourdough bread. There is no doubt that Loaded Breakfast Sandwich is delicious, but if you are currently trying to shed some pounds, its 707 calories might be too much for you. This is not exactly the quick healthy breakfast of your dream, but once in a while, everybody definitely needs a supply of this monstrous burger.

Sausage, Egg, and Cheese McGriddle – McDonald’s

We definitely cannot make a list of the best fast food breakfast without including at least one McDonald’s menu in it. Our favorite from this popular fast food chain is none other than the Sausage, Egg, and Cheese McGriddle in all its glory. This menu comes with a pair of fresh McGriddles cakes with a hint of maple taste, folded egg, delicious sausage and a slice of American cheese. It has around 550 calories which is not bad at all to start your day.

If you want to play a little with the menu, you can substitute the fluffy folded egg with grilled egg whites and the American cheese with white cheddar. It will give a different sensation to your meal but you can still the signature taste of the menu.

The Mile High Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit – Carl’s Jr

Do you need something satiating but in the same time, not too heavy? Well, go to Carl’s Jr. and give this breakfast menu a try. It is a combination of super thick applewood smoked bacon, folded egg, classic American cheese, and instead of the old school burger bun, you will get freshly made biscuits. The size is not intimidating but it will be more than enough to keep your tummy full until the lunch time comes. It definitely deserves the title of America’s best fast food breakfast!

Recommendations on the Best Mens Dress Shirts

Finding the best mens dress shirts is one of the most overwhelming tasks in the universe, and that is not an exaggeration. Sure there are a large selections of ready-to-wear dress shirts and suits for us gentlemen out there on the market, but finding one that perfectly suits our body type is not a task that can be considered easy. Let’s think about it, when women typically find it hard to find dresses that fit their curves, we men are the polar opposite – we cannot seem to find suits and ready-to-wear men’s dress shirts without rolling our eyes so far back they get stuck in the back of our heads.

Okay, the end of that last sentence was pure exaggeration and I will admit to it. However, I am sure I am not the only man on this planet to absolutely loathe how I look with many dress shirts and suits on the market. Let’s see here, I am a six feet two inches tall, with a rather muscular chest and arms, broad shoulder and lean abdominal area, concaved behind and rather skinny legs due to my height and extreme case of perfectionism. Everything has to be perfect, especially for those types of garment prompting me to pay a good amount of my salary. Being a tall man, going to the gym to simply increase the size of my legs as well as gluteal muscle is not as simple as you may think – no matter what I do, they do not grow at the same accelerated pace as my upper body resulting in a quite awkward body proportion. I am a work in progress and I am going to keep working until I can reach the right medium where I can feel happy with my body, however, finding the right clothing cannot wait until I get the body I want – especially since I work in an office where I must always wear either suits or dress shirts. The only solution to getting the best quality mens dress shirts is by having it tailor-made.

Living in a big city comes with a myriad of benefits. While best mens dress shirts are still equally hard to come by, there seems to always be a good tailor and seamster in every few 20 to 40 feet. “Seems” is the operative word here, as I’ve learned the hard way, there’s such a thing as a terrible tailor. Over the years of living in New York and dealing with a good amount of tailors, I have finally gotten it down to a science and could actually determine which one is a good tailor and which one is terrible. However, now that I’m no longer living in the Big Apple and cannot find any tailor place in this small city, my only choice is to take the business online and boy was it difficult. If you are someone who has been on the lookout for a good tailor and do not know where to look for, don’t worry, I’ve done enough research for all of us.

My Tailor

Perhaps my favorite tailor to date, I actually set up an appointment with Hemrajani to be measured. I was given a large fabric selections and dress shirt models to pick from, there I was also asked every little detail I wanted to see in my dress shirt which I was happy about. Four weeks later and I was blown away by how well-made these dress shirts are. The best I’ve worn in my life! The price was competitive as well which makes this place a recommended tailor to get your bespoke dress shirts.

Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder is the next on the list, the brand clearly knows our generation’s taste which I am so happy about. “Not too big, and not too slim” is a great way to describe their dress shirts – makes suiting up on a daily basis look like an effortless chore as they know their way well on accentuation our more aesthetic features while at the same time giving the least attractive ones both a great facade and a boost. Definitely my go-to brand for ready-to-wear best mens dress shirts.

Brooks Brothers

This brand used to be my favorite as they are the best with loosely cut, and medieval-look suits. However, as years went by, the brand doesn’t seem interested in making a progressive movement with new designs and every dress shirt of theirs now look nearly identical from one another.

Lands’ End

If you are in a retail store and not looking for anything specific other than a decent quality ready-to-wear dress shirts, nothing can give you the best bang for your buck than Land’s End.

T.M. Lewin

Looking for a traditional British dress shirt but with the refreshing contemporary tight-fitting look? Look no further as T.M Lewin has just what you are looking for! Their fabrics are incredibly soft and last a lifetime, definitely a brand you should go to when looking for contemporary British best mens dress shirts!

4 Best Beard and Mustache Trimmer

The perfect looking of beard and mustache may make men be a confident person. Indeed, the appearance plays a role in certain daily activities. As a result, to have such a perfect beard and mustache looking, you will need the great and suitable beard and mustache trimmer for sure. 

What people might do not know is by having the great beard and mustache trimmer will help in trimming action for daily use. The greater the trimmer then the better result you will have. According to this case, we have listed the best beard and mustache trimmerbelow. Check it out!

1.Wahl 9916-1117 Groomsman Rechargeable Hair, Beard and Moustache Trimmer Set 

Wahl earns the title as the great brand which provides excellent beard and mustache trimmer. This trimmer set is designed to create the closeness and the accurate hair trimming. At this point, this device will help to trim, shave, and cut the beard and mustache hair as well. 

Highlight Features of Wahl 9916-1117 Groomsman Rechargeable Hair, Beard and Moustache Trimmer Set 

This rechargeable product operates with the cordless feature for the easier trimming movement. With a proper control of the movement, it will result in clean and closeness of trimming. Indeed, it is ideal for the trimming use of beards, mustache, stubble, and facial hair. 

Thisbeard and mustache trimmeralso offer the great range of cutting lengths from 0.5 mm to 13 mm. Then, with the longer time of trimming use as it has 60 minutes use, you will have the quality time for doing the trim of hair.

Further, you can get the precise trimming action as it provides the carbon steel blades to support the best performance. Last, you can get a perfect package of beard and mustache trimmeras this product box contains the trimmer, 3 attachment combs, charging stand, mustache comb, cleaning brush and oil, also the instructions.

2. BaByliss for Men 7051BU 3-in-1 Hygienic Trimmer

If you want to find out the hygienic trimmer, then this product is really valuable to be chosen. Comes from the brand named BaByliss, this product offers the safe and fast use of beard and mustache trimmer. BaByliss for Men 7051BU 3-in-1 Hygienic Trimmer is the one you should have in your bathroom as it will trim the unwanted hair accurately.

offers the safe and fast use of beard and mustache trimmer. BaByliss for Men 7051BU 3-in-1 Hygienic Trimmer is the one you should have in your bathroom as it will trim the unwanted hair accurately.

Highlight Features of BaByliss for Men 7051BU 3-in-1 Hygienic Trimmer

Featured with 3 interchangeable heads, this beard and mustache trimmeris ideal to trim the eyebrows, beards, mustache, nose and ear hair. You will have no worry to use this product as it offers the safest action of trimming. When it comes to practical function, this device comes with the washable feature so that you can clean this one after using it. 

At this point, this beard and mustache trimmerprovide the 2 comb guide so that you can get the optimum control while using it. As a result, you will have the easy movement as well as result in clean and tidy facial hair.

3.Philips QT4013/23 Series 3000 Beard Trimmer

The next beard and mustache trimmerwe recommend you to have are Philips QT4013/23 Series 3000 Beard Trimmer. This trimmer is known to have the advanced technology including the presence of titanium-coated blades. As the consequence, you can have a look at its features below.

With the presence of great blades, this device is beneficial to cut and trim the hair with the closeness and precision. Also, the important feature of this device is the way it helps to prevent the skin irritation. It is also designed as the washable device so that it is valuable for wet and dry purposes. Moreover, with the 60 minutes of trimming use, you will get a plenty of time to trim the hair accurately.

As it has the ergonomic design, then you will get the great trimmer package include the beard and mustache trimmer, the cleaning brush, the charging cable, the manual and also the travel pouch. Hence, by buying this product at the shop, you will bring such a great device to your home as well.

Do you need the great beard trimmer and the functional one? Then, it is recommended to have Remington PG6171 The Crafter: Beard Boss Style and Detail Kit as it will accomplish your trimming needs. This device allows you to have better trimming result such as the clean facial hair. As the consequence, to find out the features of this product, you can read the following statements below.

Highlight Features of Remington PG6171 The Crafter: Beard Boss Style and Detail Kit

For the detail and the most precision result, this beard and mustache trimmerprovide stainless steel blades as its feature. Not only for that, it is fully waterproof for the easy cleaning after use. What is even great is the presence of turbo mode which enables to trim the hair even for the thickest one. 

Moreover, if you want to use this product for the trimming use, you just need to have 5-minute quick charge as it will give you more time to do the hair trimming. Designed with the adjustable comb makes this product valuable to do the perfect trimming movement.

By purchasing this product, you will have the perfect grooming kit as it has 15 lengths settings and also the lithium battery for great run time. As a result, picking this product as your beard and mustache trimmeris such a good way as it will also give you the best practical trimming use for sure.

As the conclusion, choosing best beard and mustache trimmeris not an easy way. Indeed, you have to consider the preferences of features, price, capability and other aspects. Then, at this point, you can have one of four best beard and mustache trimmerabove. By using the product, you will be confident as much as you have the great trimmer as well.

Best Wahl Corded Beard Trimmer You can Have in Your Bathroom

At the shop, you can find many kinds of beard trimmer to be chosen. Indeed, men need the best beard trimmer to support their good-looking beard, mustache, stubble, and another style of facial hair. At this point, there are few aspects that makes one of beard trimmer be different to other ones. 

Then, as a matter of fact, there are many brands of beard trimmer which provide great products for sure. However, at this point, Wahl is on of top leading brand which offers you a great range of beard trimmer. Indeed, you can choose Wahl among the great brand of beard trimmer there. Moreover, you can choose the one with corded or cordless beard trimmer as well. Consequently, as this article will describe corded feature only, then you can have a look at the best list of Wahl corded beard trimmerbelow.

  1. Wahl Power Pro Corded Grooming Kit #9686

Wahl as the leading brand of beard trimmer provides the great corded blades for better performance. The one with name Wahl Power Pro Corded Grooming Kit #9686 is something you should have as the Wahl corded beard trimmeroption. As the consequence, let’s see the features of this product below.

Highlight Features of Wahl Power Pro Corded Grooming Kit #9686

  • Dimension: 1 x 1 x 6 inches
  • Weight:: 1.1 pounds
  • Price: $24.99
  • Package includes the Wahl corded beard trimmerunit, the clipper and trimmer blade, detail trimmer, the guide combs, cleaning brush and oil, and the storage case.

This Wahl corded beard trimmerhas stainless steel blades which enable you to have better-trimming performance. It is also completed by the presence of 17 trimming lengths which let you have the desirable trimming style for sure. You can have the powerful Wahl corded beard trimmeras you buy this product as a great package kit. Indeed, by having this grooming kit, then you will get a better experience while trimming the hair.

Also, as you can see at the statements above, you can have this product wit affordable price as well. Though the price is low, still, the capability and the features of this product is very good. Indeed, with the cost-effective price of great beard trimmer, you will have no regret to buy one of best Wahl corded beard trimmerfor sure.

2. Wahl Professional AC Trimmer Precision Corded Trimmer #8040

Another option you can have for choosing the Wahl corded beard trimmeris to pick the one named as Wahl Professional AC Trimmer Precision Corded Trimmer #8040. It is known that this product leads the innovation about professional precision. Indeed, this product is intended to be used for professional only. Then, if you are curious about this product, then you can check on the following statements of its features below.

Highlight Features of Wahl Professional AC Trimmer Precision Corded Trimmer #8040

  • Dimension: 1.5 x 1.5 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Price: Around $40
  • Package includes the trimmer, cleaning brush and oil, the red blade guard, and the instructions.

Designed with the sharp blade makes this Wahl corded beard trimmerfit for every style of facial hair. As a result, it leads the precise, smooth, and the closeness of hair trimming action. What is even beautiful from this product is the way it has the stylish body with a sleek black coverage. Therefore, this product is not only being advanced in performance and innovative features, but this Wahl corded beard trimmeralso has the wonderful design with a scoop nose design. 

The performance of this product is also supported by the presence of a powerful electromagnetic motor which let you cut the hair even for the thickest one. Then, by using this product, you will have any worry to use it as it will protect the skin from skin irritations as well. Consequently, as this product is intended for professional use, then by having this Wahl corded beard trimmeris something that you will be happy for. So, have you be interested in trying this product?

3. Wahl T-Styler Pro Corded Trimmer

Finding the professional Wahl corded beard trimmerwhich best fit in your preferences may take more time. Consequently, you should look for the features of the best product. As the consequence, we recommend you to have Wahl T-Styler Pro Corded Trimmer as it offers the great beard trimmer performance. Then, first of all, let’s see the features of this Wahl corded beard trimmerbelow.

Highlight Features of Wahl T-Styler Pro Corded Trimmer

  • Dimension: 3 x 5.9 x 9.9 inches
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Price: Around $30
  • Package includes the T-blade, 12 blade guards, the brush, comb, and scissors, the travel pouch, and the guide. 

What is great from this product is the way it makes you safe in every trimming action. It has the Bump-Free feature which allows you to do dry shaving without having any worries. With its T-blade, it will provide the comfort trimming use and prevent the occurrence of razor bumps and any kinds of skin irritation. Then, this is the important part of Wahl corded beard trimmer, because all we need is the safety, right?

As the consequence, this Wahl corded beard trimmeralso has the clean lines and sharp edges which enable you to do the perfect movement of trimming action. It also makes you easier to have the smooth movement while cut the facial hair. As a result, with zero overlap blade, it will result in great trimming results such as the closeness and definition of the result. Not only for that, it is supported by the powerful corded unit which is good to cut the thickest hair as well. Moreover, it has 12 blade guards which are beneficial to help you achieve the desirable style for sure. Indeed, this product is made from the finest features you may have never expected before.To sum up, having the Wahl corded beard trimmeris a good option since you need the best corded beard trimmer, right? As the consequence, you have seen the options of Wahl corded beard trimmerabove, then it is your turn to make a choice. Besides, the things that should be considered if you want to purchase the beard trimmer product is to look the features, capability, and the cost-effective price of the product. Thus, happy hair trimming good people!