Recommendations on the Best Mens Dress Shirts

Finding the best mens dress shirts is one of the most overwhelming tasks in the universe, and that is not an exaggeration. Sure there are a large selections of ready-to-wear dress shirts and suits for us gentlemen out there on the market, but finding one that perfectly suits our body type is not a task that can be considered easy. Let’s think about it, when women typically find it hard to find dresses that fit their curves, we men are the polar opposite – we cannot seem to find suits and ready-to-wear men’s dress shirts without rolling our eyes so far back they get stuck in the back of our heads.

Okay, the end of that last sentence was pure exaggeration and I will admit to it. However, I am sure I am not the only man on this planet to absolutely loathe how I look with many dress shirts and suits on the market. Let’s see here, I am a six feet two inches tall, with a rather muscular chest and arms, broad shoulder and lean abdominal area, concaved behind and rather skinny legs due to my height and extreme case of perfectionism. Everything has to be perfect, especially for those types of garment prompting me to pay a good amount of my salary. Being a tall man, going to the gym to simply increase the size of my legs as well as gluteal muscle is not as simple as you may think – no matter what I do, they do not grow at the same accelerated pace as my upper body resulting in a quite awkward body proportion. I am a work in progress and I am going to keep working until I can reach the right medium where I can feel happy with my body, however, finding the right clothing cannot wait until I get the body I want – especially since I work in an office where I must always wear either suits or dress shirts. The only solution to getting the best quality mens dress shirts is by having it tailor-made.

Living in a big city comes with a myriad of benefits. While best mens dress shirts are still equally hard to come by, there seems to always be a good tailor and seamster in every few 20 to 40 feet. “Seems” is the operative word here, as I’ve learned the hard way, there’s such a thing as a terrible tailor. Over the years of living in New York and dealing with a good amount of tailors, I have finally gotten it down to a science and could actually determine which one is a good tailor and which one is terrible. However, now that I’m no longer living in the Big Apple and cannot find any tailor place in this small city, my only choice is to take the business online and boy was it difficult. If you are someone who has been on the lookout for a good tailor and do not know where to look for, don’t worry, I’ve done enough research for all of us.

My Tailor

Perhaps my favorite tailor to date, I actually set up an appointment with Hemrajani to be measured. I was given a large fabric selections and dress shirt models to pick from, there I was also asked every little detail I wanted to see in my dress shirt which I was happy about. Four weeks later and I was blown away by how well-made these dress shirts are. The best I’ve worn in my life! The price was competitive as well which makes this place a recommended tailor to get your bespoke dress shirts.

Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder is the next on the list, the brand clearly knows our generation’s taste which I am so happy about. “Not too big, and not too slim” is a great way to describe their dress shirts – makes suiting up on a daily basis look like an effortless chore as they know their way well on accentuation our more aesthetic features while at the same time giving the least attractive ones both a great facade and a boost. Definitely my go-to brand for ready-to-wear best mens dress shirts.

Brooks Brothers

This brand used to be my favorite as they are the best with loosely cut, and medieval-look suits. However, as years went by, the brand doesn’t seem interested in making a progressive movement with new designs and every dress shirt of theirs now look nearly identical from one another.

Lands’ End

If you are in a retail store and not looking for anything specific other than a decent quality ready-to-wear dress shirts, nothing can give you the best bang for your buck than Land’s End.

T.M. Lewin

Looking for a traditional British dress shirt but with the refreshing contemporary tight-fitting look? Look no further as T.M Lewin has just what you are looking for! Their fabrics are incredibly soft and last a lifetime, definitely a brand you should go to when looking for contemporary British best mens dress shirts!